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Whataburger Breakfast Menu Prices Hours Near Me

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Good morning! Wake up and start your day with Whataburger breakfast menu. From our signature breakfast sandwich, the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, to our Breakfast Platters and Taquitos, we have everything you need to fuel up for the day ahead. Don’t forget to try our famous Breakfast On A Bun or Biscuit Sandwiches, available with bacon, sausage, or egg. Come see us and enjoy a breakfast that’s worth waking up for!

Whataburger Delivery Menu

Whataburger Breakfast Menu Prices

The Whataburger breakfast menu offers a variety of options for breakfast lovers. It features classic breakfast items like breakfast sandwiches and pancakes, as well as Tex-Mex inspired items like taquitos.

One of the signature Breakfast Whataburger Menu items on the Whataburger menu is the Breakfast on a Bun. This sandwich features a sausage patty or bacon, egg, and cheese served on a toasted bun. Customers can also customize their sandwich with additional toppings like jalapenos or avocado.

Whataburger Breakfast Menu

Another popular breakfast item at Whataburger is the Taquito. These rolled tacos are filled with scrambled eggs and cheese, and customers can add bacon or sausage to their taquito. The Breakfast Platter is also a favorite among customers, featuring a choice of sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and a biscuit.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Whataburger breakfast menu also offers two varieties of pancakes. Customers can choose between regular pancakes or blueberry pancakes. Both options come with butter and syrup.

Whataburger Breakfast Menu Texas With Prices

Here is the list of Whataburger Menu Breakfast:

Sausage Breakfast Bowl $7.59
Bacon Breakfast Bowl $7.59
Breakfast Burger $6.99
Taquito with Cheese $5.59
Breakfast On A Bun® $5.89
Biscuit Sandwich $5.89
Pancake Platter $6.39
Breakfast Platter $6.69
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit $5.49
Biscuit and Gravy $4.79
Egg Sandwich $2.49
Egg and Cheese Biscuit $2.39
Biscuit with Bacon $2.29
Biscuit with Sausage $2.29
Biscuit $1.49
Pancakes $3.49
Cinnamon Roll $2.59
Hash Brown Sticks $1.89

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito with Bacon $3.29
Breakfast Burrito with Sausage $3.29
Breakfast Burrito with Potato & Egg $2.49
Breakfast Burrito with Jalapeno & Cheese $2.49
Breakfast Burrito with Picante Sauce $2.49

Breakfast on a Bun

Breakfast on a Bun with Bacon $2.94
Breakfast on a Bun with Sausage $2.94
Breakfast on a Bun with Bacon & Jalapenos $3.19
Breakfast on a Bun with Sausage & Jalapenos $3.19
Breakfast on a Bun with Avocado $3.49
Breakfast on a Bun with Chicken Filet $3.69

In addition to the classic breakfast items, Whataburger also has a few Tex-Mex inspired options. The Breakfast Tacos come with a choice of bacon, sausage, or potato and egg, and are served with salsa. The Breakfast Burrito features scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese, and a choice of sausage, bacon, or potato.

To accompany the breakfast menu items, Whataburger also offers a variety of drinks including coffee, orange juice, and hot chocolate.

Whataburger Breakfast Menu With Pictures

Whataburger Breakfast Menu With Pictures                                                                                                                            


Whataburger Breakfast Burger Calories

Item Calories
Breakfast on a Bun 620
Taquito with Sausage 350
Taquito with Bacon 370
Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuit 610
Biscuit Sandwich (Bacon) 570
Biscuit Sandwich (Sausage) 610
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit 670

Whataburger Breakfast Menu Hours

Here is the detailed information about Whataburger Menu Breakfast Hours:

Day Breakfast
Monday 11 PM to 11 AM
Tuesday 11 PM to 11 AM
Wednesday 11 PM to 11 AM
Thursday 11 PM to 11 AM
Friday 11 PM to 11 AM
Saturday 11 PM to 11 AM
Sunday 11 PM to 11 AM

What Time Does Whataburger Stop Serving Breakfast – Whataburger typically stops serving breakfast at 11 AM. This means that if you want to order any items from the breakfast menu, you will need to do so before this time. After 11 AM, Whataburger begins serving its lunch and dinner menu. So Whataburger does not serve breakfast all day. It’s important to note that breakfast hours may vary slightly depending on the location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Whataburger to confirm their specific breakfast hours. Additionally, some Whataburger locations may offer a late-night menu that includes some breakfast items, so if you’re craving breakfast outside of regular breakfast hours, it’s worth checking to see if your local Whataburger offers a late-night menu.

Whataburger Breakfast Menu Near Me

Overall, the Whataburger breakfast menu provides a range of options to satisfy different breakfast preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic breakfast sandwich or something with a Tex-Mex twist, Whataburger has something for everyone.

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