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Whataburger Saunders – Whataburger Laredo TX Saunders

Experience the bold and savory flavors of Whataburger Saunders! Our signature blend of spices elevates every bite, tantalizing your taste buds with a perfect balance of smoky, tangy, and savory notes. Whether it’s our mouthwatering burgers, chicken sandwiches, or crispy nuggets, Whataburger Saunders adds that extra touch of deliciousness you crave. Indulge in a culinary adventure that will leave you wanting more. Come and discover the irresistible allure of Whataburger Saunders today!

About Whataburger Saunders

Whataburger Saunders is a distinctive seasoning blend created by Whataburger, a popular fast-food chain. The seasoning is known for its unique and flavorful profile that adds a special touch to Whataburger’s menu items. While the exact ingredients and recipe of Whataburger Saunders are proprietary and not disclosed publicly, it is renowned for its ability to enhance the taste and elevate the flavor experience.

Whataburger Saunders is often applied to Whataburger’s burgers, chicken, and other proteins, enhancing their natural flavors with a blend of spices. It is carefully crafted to provide a combination of smoky, tangy, and savory notes that create a delightful taste sensation. The seasoning helps to create a memorable and distinct flavor profile that sets Whataburger apart from other fast-food chains.

Whataburger Saunders

Customers who enjoy Whataburger often appreciate the unique flavor profile that Whataburger Saunders adds to their meals. The seasoning blend has become an iconic part of the Whataburger experience, contributing to the brand’s reputation for delicious and satisfying food.

While Whataburger Saunders is primarily associated with Whataburger’s menu items, it is not typically available for purchase as a standalone product. However, its distinctive flavor can be enjoyed by ordering Whataburger’s seasoned menu items at their various locations.

Whataburger Laredo TX Saunders Menu And Prices

Whataburger Saunders Breakfast Menu

Menu Item Approximate Price (USD)
Whataburger Patty Melt $5.79
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit $3.99
Taquito with Cheese $2.49
Pancake Platter $4.99
Biscuit Sandwich $2.99
Breakfast Platter $5.49
Whataburger Breakfast on a Bun $3.49
Cinnamon Roll $1.99
Hash Brown Sticks $1.99
Coffee (Small) $1.49
Orange Juice (Small) $1.69

Whataburger Saunders Lunch/Dinner Menu

Menu Item Approximate Price (USD)
Whataburger $4.50
Whataburger Jr. $2.99
Avocado Bacon Burger $6.99
Mushroom Swiss Burger $5.99
Jalapeño & Cheese Whataburger $4.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.79
Whatachick’n Sandwich $4.99
Whatachick’n Strips (3 pieces) $3.99
Grilled Cheese $3.49
Chicken Fajita Taco $2.79
French Fries $1.99
Onion Rings $2.49
Apple Pie $1.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $0.99

Whataburger Saunders Desserts

Menu Item Approximate Price (USD)
Apple Pie $1.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $0.99
Hot Apple Pie à la Mode $2.49
Hot Peach Pie à la Mode $2.49
Hot Cherry Pie à la Mode $2.49
Hot Lemon Pie à la Mode $2.49
Hot Chocolate Chunk Cookie à la Mode $1.99
Cinnamon Roll $1.99
Chocolate Shake $3.49 (small) / $3.99 (medium) / $4.49 (large)
Vanilla Shake $3.49 (small) / $3.99 (medium) / $4.49 (large)
Strawberry Shake $3.49 (small) / $3.99 (medium) / $4.49 (large)
Chocolate Malt $3.49 (small) / $3.99 (medium) / $4.49 (large)
Vanilla Malt $3.49 (small) / $3.99 (medium) / $4.49 (large)
Strawberry Malt $3.49 (small) / $3.99 (medium) / $4.49 (large)

Whataburger Saunders Sides

Menu Item Approximate Price (USD)
French Fries $1.99
Onion Rings $2.49
Side Salad $1.99
Apple Slices $0.99
Jalapeño Cheddar Bites $3.29 (6 pieces) / $5.49 (10 pieces)
Hot Cheese Sauce $0.79
Cinnamon Roll $1.99
Hash Brown Sticks $1.99
Garden Salad $4.99
Whatachick’n Bites (6 pieces) $3.99
Whatachick’n Bites (9 pieces) $5.99
Gravy $0.99

Whataburger Saunders Extras

Menu Item Approximate Price (USD)
Cheese $0.50
Bacon $0.50
Avocado $0.75
Grilled Onions $0.25
Grilled Peppers $0.25
Jalapeños $0.25
Gravy $0.99
Hot Cheese Sauce $0.79
Creamy Pepper Sauce $0.25
Barbecue Sauce $0.25
Honey Mustard Sauce $0.25
Ranch Dressing $0.25
Ketchup Free
Mustard Free
Mayonnaise Free

Whataburger Saunders Drinks

Menu Item Approximate Price (USD)
Soft Drink (Small) $1.59
Soft Drink (Medium) $1.79
Soft Drink (Large) $1.99
Iced Tea (Small) $1.59
Iced Tea (Medium) $1.79
Iced Tea (Large) $1.99
Coffee (Small) $1.49
Coffee (Medium) $1.79
Coffee (Large) $1.99
Orange Juice (Small) $1.69
Milk $1.29
Chocolate Milk $1.79
Bottled Water $1.59
Shakes (Small) $3.49
Shakes (Medium) $3.99
Shakes (Large) $4.49
Soft Drink To-Go (1 gallon) $6.99
Iced Tea To-Go (1 gallon) $6.99

Whataburger Saunders Near Me

In conclusion, Whataburger Saunders is a testament to Whataburger’s commitment to providing customers with flavorful and high-quality food. Its distinct taste adds an extra element of enjoyment to Whataburger’s offerings and keeps customers coming back for more.

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